About ASCM Holdings

We at ASCM Holdings believe that everyone should have access to the exciting world of digital assets, which is why we have made it our mission to enable the everyday American to invest and establish a position.

We also cater to accredited investors looking for the secure and safe way to enter a position. With over six years in the digital asset space and a combined sixty years in finance, we have developed the tools and principles needed to manage and create the portfolio that can consistently outperform the market.

Why Choose ASCM?

Digital Asset Management brings the most profitable options for ASCM clients. We understand that one core link is missing from digital assets: managed portfolios. Today, even the most enthusiastic cryptocurrency holder is stuck within the traditional banking system to achieve their savings. To reach global adoption, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, need a vast spectrum of listed assets that coin holders could invest in, including traditional assets such as ETFs, stocks, fixed income, currencies, commodities, etc. At ASCM we believe looking beyond first and second generation blockchain technologies such as introducing curated digital asset arrays that are similar to traditional Indexes in finance. With Digital Asset Arrays ( DAA ) we can enter and exit positions quickly and securely ensure maximum returns.

Who Can Benefit

Despite the clear importance of portfolio management, many novice or expert traders have difficulty implementing an effective strategy to align their portfolios with their short-term strategic goals let alone manage their portfolios for long-term returns. These challenges are especially significant for inexperienced investors, who can lose all there life savings incorrectly investing in the wrong asset. In such an unregulated market, with fear uncertainty and doubt, ASCM provides guidance, leadership, along with specialists dealing with large-scale portfolios and high amounts of concurrent projects.

Our mission

To enable anyone to securely establish a position in the rapidly growing Digital Asset Market.

Security. With safety being the most significant barrier to entry for most, our innovative storage and digital asset arrays ensure that our client's funds are protected from attacks, exit scams and anything that malicious actors can throw at it.

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